HOME GROAN – The Revue

If you’re after a few laughs, some decent groans and the chance to sing new words to some classic melodies, you’d best make your way to the Market House on March 23 and 24 for Home Groan – the Revue.

Among the talented cast who’ve been pressed into service (who’d volunteer for this sort of stuff?), are many whose faces will be familiar from the Players’ first production, ‘Murdered to Death’.

If you liked the Colonel, you’ll love him in this! If Miss Maple floated your boat, you’ll adore her rowlocking performance in Home Groan! If you found darkly handsome PC Thompkins arresting, he’s far from flat-footed this time around! And as for that Pratt …!

Tickets will be on sale at the Market Stores before too long: to avoid disappointment, make sure you bag yours quickly!

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